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In-Use Vehicle Procurement (IUVP)

Procuring over 3,000 vehicles within the past 5 years

Specializing in Vehicle Procurement

ATDS has procured over 3000 vehicles in the past 5 years, using standardized procedures in documentation and testing 

A Safety First Approach

Our focus is ALWAYS safety first - From picking up volunteer vehicles to handling testing, safety is ATDS' #1 priority 

IUVP In-use vehicle procurement

Supporting Govenment Agencies and Automotive OEMs

ATDS procures in-use vehicles for government agencies such as CARB and EPA as well as major automotive OEMs

Expediting your Program

Kick-start your in-use verification program today. ATDS is flexible with program start and end dates

What can ATDS help with?

ATDS can locate and procure the vehicles or components you require. Depending on what is required for your manufacturer in-use compliance (CAP2000, IUMPR) reporting, ATDS can provide assistance in any phase of the procurement process. This includes anything from eligibility screening telephone interviews, vehicle pick-up, emissions testing, component harvesting, vehicle restoration and return. We can also arrange for carrier transportation to or from out-of-state locations.

ATDS maintains a full-capability test laboratory in Ontario, California, staffed with engineers and mechanics for additional emissions and range testing.

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If you have been contacted about your eligible vehicle and have questions regarding in-use programs, check out our FAQs


At the end of 1999, the EPA adopted the Compliance Assurance Program (CAP2000). This introduced the In-Use Verification Program (IUVP) as a requirement for all manufacturers.

The IUVP is a vehicle testing program to monitor emissions and fuel economy for low and high mileage owner vehicles. It allows government agencies and industry to identify potential concerns that may require additional investigation.

Your car has a specific engine/evaporative system that is required to be monitored under EPA's Compliance Assurance Program (CAP2000). Depending on the car, we will perform a set of emissions tests, which measure evaporative emissions and tailpipe exhaust emissions.

The letter sent to you will include all of the available incentives for participating in this program. This will include the incentive check ($$$) and loan vehicle instructions.

In addition, you will also be helping automotive manfacturers and the EPA improve air quality by monitoring emissions.

Your car will undergo a set of emissions tests, depending on what is required by EPA at the time. This may include the following:

Tailpipe Emissions Testing
• Cars may perform tailpipe emissions tests, which consists of securing the car on a dynamometer and connecting an exhaust gas analyzer to the tailpipe
• The car's tires rotate on the dynamometer rollers as the vehicle is "driven" to simulate both city and highway driving
• Testing accumulates approximately 100 miles on the vehicle, in addition to the miles accumulated from transporting the vehicle to and from the testing facility. No additional mileage will be incurred besides emissions testing and transporation between pick-up and drop-off.

Evaporative Emissions Testing
• Some cars are selected for passive evaporative emissions testing (ex. tires and certain plastics emit small amounts of various gases). This passive testing also also checks for any fuel vapor leakage).
• Selected cars are put in a sealed room (SHED) for two days, while the air quality is continually monitored.
• Selected cars are also tested for On-board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR), where the air quality is continuously monitored as the fuel tank is being filled.

The physical condition of your car will also be documented upon laboratory check-in and check-out to ensure that your car will arrive and depart in the same physical condition.

All IUVP tests will take place at our Ontario, California laboratory. The address is:

Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc.
400 S Etiwanda
Ontario, California 91761

We are a third-party, independent laboratory that is not associated with any automotive company. We have contracts with certain automotive manufacturers that request us to perform some of the IUVP testing on their behalf.

Part of the contract requires that we procure the selected cars, perform the emissions testing, and return the car in the same condition as we receive it.

If you have additional questions regarding IUVP testing, please contact us directly or contact your manufacturer to verify details.

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